Today I placed my first swarm in a Top Bar hive. It has been two hours, its 1 PM now, and sunny.

I have successfully re-hived five various swarms into Langstroths, but this is my first TBH attempt.

I sprayed some HBH / 1:1 sugarwater in the box before placing them, and surely got the queen. This was the biggest and tightest swarm I have gotten to date.

This swarm is from about 300 feet from their original Langstroth.

It has been two hours. An hour after the initial capture, I recovered about 200 bees from the original swarm location (my allergic neighbors tree, she is NOT loving me at all right now), and moved them to the TBH. I then closed up the top and opened the entrance to let the ones that were in the air find their way in.

I moved my swarm bucket into the garage, and within a few minutes a couple hundred bees made their way in the TBH entrance.

What I am seeing at the entrance now, about an hour after the second bee dump is just a few bees doing short flights of only a few feet. They are on the walls and festooning some of the bars already.

Do I need to close them in for three days, or will the HBH serve to anchor them? It was suggested by my TBH friend to close them in, but he doesnt use HBH in his.

What say you?

Thank you in advance!