Folks, I've started to think about putting out swarm traps in the late winter/early spring. I've got one area with a feral hive that I would love to get a prime swarm captured. The owner of the building doesn't want a cutout or trapout of the building, but didn't seem to mind me putting out some bait hives. They have been there a long, long time and I would like to get some of those genes in a hive. I've also got some other places that I've checked out that should be good places for traps. I'm going to make the traps the same size as the follower board size of my hives, but was curious about the length. From what I've read the appropriate volume should be around 30 liters or so, but I've also seen post other places where people are using what seem to be pretty small sized swarm traps. My follower board size is 16 (top length)x 5.5 (bottom) x 9 (depth). To get 30 liters I would have to make swarm traps that are 24 inches in length. I've read posting from other folks and have seen what seem to be smaller hives based on the number of top bars. One of them was an 8 bar setup. For me that would be around a foot in length.

I've also seen people say that a 5 frame nuc makes a good swarm trap, but that is about ~20 liters (winging it on the math here) not including the space taken up by the frames. I've also seen the flower pot style swarm traps, they don't seem to be anything close to 30 liters. Does anyone have an opinions on what a good size swarm trap would be for a top bar hive? I don't want to make a big pile of kindling. It would be great to make them a foot in length, but not if I'm wasting my time. Also, should I bother with a follower board in a swarm trap? I'm thinking it is a waste of time for these, as I would hope to transfer to a nuc within no more than a couple weeks on these traps.

I realize that this is quasi off topic, but I figured on the swarms and cutouts forums there wouldn't be the top bar experience of this forum.