The word of the day
i caught a swarm last May and put them into a nuc with 5 bars meaning to move them to a new hive I was building abd buy a bee suit.. Well needless to say I just now got around to moving them, oh what a mess Box was stuffed with bees , comb everywhere in every direction had to cut it all out. Glad I had my new bee suitTook a couple of hours these guys were mean. I thought that they were from my other hive but I don't think they were. Well got them moved into a new top bar hive. I was able to move about 3 bars of brood and a couple a honey the rest will be left out for them to rob out. So do not wait to do a job if it includes bees because they work faster than we do kept about a a pound of honey for how do you get the bees out of ii