I'm guessing some of you on here have those big-mamma-jamma smoker rigs that you hitch up to the truck and enter the rib cook-off arena.... Sadly, my smoker isn't in that class. But I did get a nice propane fired dual burner 44" tall. Should be able to cold smoke in the winter with the single burner. I'm excited about this. I've been thinking about getting one since last November, (yet another buck put in the freezer,) but I finally hit the wall and had to buy one now. Why?

Best friend took his family to the Outer Banks for vacation... He brought back about 50 lbs of Bluefish and Spanish Mackerel. And... he and I are scheduled to go back down in 2 weeks for another fishing trip.

So.... my question is.....

How do I smoke all this fish?

I have Hickory and Oak (Jack Daniels aging barrel chips,) chips, but I understand that those are more for beef and pork. I also have Apple chips, I heard those are good for fish. I also heard Pecan is the best for fish, but I can't find that locally. I could order it, but I'd like to know if it's really that much better.

And... HOW do I smoke it? Marinade it first? Does it go straight on the rack or should I put it on foil?

I can see myself destroying all this fish... Not a good plan. But I do have a pork butt thawing out that I know will be good!