I need some opinions. I started back in beekeeping after many many years of absence from it. So my mind/memory is not fully engaged yet. Here is my dilemma: I started a hive with a package, some how the queen did not make it. The hive was declining so I went to a friend of mine that was totally new to beekeeping to help him with his 2 hives, he had a swarm situation on his hands so I took three frames of brood with queen cells on them and made up a nuc with these frames and resources from my hive. It has been doing great until recently. The hive was 2 stories, bottom was brood, second was pollen and honey. They were running out of room so I added another super (medium) with foundationless frames (all mine are foundationless). I went to check them yesterday and here is where I need opinions, They have filled the top box with honey, the second box with nothing (it was the new box), not even drawn comb, the bottom box is pollen, nectar and a very little brood (all capped).
I didn't find the queen nor did I see any larva or eggs. The hive was a little hotter than normal. The new box has been on for about 3 weeks.
I'm sorry for rambling on but this is the only way I can explain what is going on.

So here is my take: The queen has slowed down( way down) or I need to requeen or I can make splits and queen each split.

I feel like a dumba** for having to ask