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I am sorry Mark - sounded like soviet-time propaganda. I did not see any scientific papers published by commercial beekeepers or papers stated that they had money for research from commercial beekeepers. Legislation - beneficial to industry, not consumers. "Preserving" the species - are you serious? Bees nearly disappeared under commercial practices. Pollination - moving bees 1000 miles - what is good in this? Spreading diseases and other problems? I would imagine that you and others have a good intentions, but I, as a customer, just do not see it. But - it is my problem if I do not see something.
That's okay. I don't know that you actually wrote this outright, but you seem to blame the commercial beekeepers for almost wiping out honeybees in North America. Is that your opinion?

This never happened. The idea that honeybees were in peril is fiction. There has never been a shortage of honeybees. I know no one inj need of pollination who hasn't gotten bees. I know no one who has ever wanted to buy bees who couldn't get them because of shortages or extinction.

On the other hand, were it not for commercial beekeepers queens for selling and beehives for pollination would not be readily available when needed. Moving bees thousands of miles, or simply hundreds of miles, keeps fresh, well developed fruits and vegetable in produce aisles of grocery stores across the Nation. That's what good such work does.

You as what kind of customer? You don't buy bees from commercial beekeepers, so that can't be it. Do you mean as a consumer of foods grown from pollinated crops?

As far as diseases and pests are concerned, if no commercial migratory beekeepers existed those pests and diseases would still exist and get around. No commercial beekeeper brought varroa jacobsinii to North America.

Sergey, you may not know about The American Beekeeping Federation and the American Honey Producers Association. Google them and see what they are about. Those two associations, primarily but not exclusively commercial beekeepers, support grad students and research done on bees and problems that honeybees have.

They hold annual conferences with huge agendas covering many aspects of beekeeping w/ speakers and presenters not found at your State Level Association Meetings. A huge list of speakers, people from all walks of beekeeping life. From beekeepers to international researchers and everything you can think of in between.

"Preserving the species'? Yes, we make new colonies and queens every year to replace those lost and to sell to others. Our goal is to see bees and beekeeping survive and thrive on into the future.

You are a Scientist. You want documentation and impirical studys. You really should go to
Bee-L, bee-L.com. Sure, there are folks who could sight studys and papers for you. That's not me. I'm a hands on guy, not a computer wiz or the reader of Papers. I subscribe to American Bee Journal, mostly for the pictures. (a little American humor) There are very few scientific papers I have read in ABJ. My mind goes numb. I'm sure you can understand.

We have exchanged PMs. I have no problem w/ you. You bring up interesting things to think about.