WhoooHooo! Finally procured some honey from my little girls. One whole combs worth. Hahahaha. I keep waiting for them to move out of the box and fill it with capped honey but it is not happening?!!? So, I went in on Friday and stole one of the side combs that is all capped. Got 4.5 pounds of honey. It is pretty darn dark but Im not complaining. I guess using that math, a single Warre box (full of 8 capped combs) will yield approx. 35-40 pounds of honey. Doing my other math, this is some pretty darn expensive honey (second year, first harvest)!!!

Now, after crushing and straining, I need to devise a technique to melt down and clean my wax crumbles. Is there a recoverable amount of honey in it? How are you guys filtering the wax and separating the remaining honey/debris out?

Thanks and thanks again ladies.