I know this may not be the right forum but I do think this is of general interest.

You know, the whole internet thing is a bit scary. Some months ago I looked at a website that compared the prices of pickup trucks. Next thing I knew, everywhere I went on the web there were ads for pickup trucks….even here on Beesource. I understand the concept of targeted ads. But today…on Beesource one of the ads had a series of photos of hot looking, young women and the text read ‘We aren’t looking for young men, we want you.’

Somehow, the internet marketing bots figured out I’m male, older and single.
I don’t use any online dating service, frequent girly, porn or guy only sites. Basically, I bank, read the news, check the weather and visit Beesource.

I didn’t follow the link. I’m confident that none of those babes are really interested in a 60 year old, bald, beekeeping geezer. And, truth be told, I was involved with some twentish women when I was twentish….and I have no desire to repeat the experience.

At what point does this sort of thing become an invasion of privacy?