I take care of a small orchard for my fee for having bees on the property. yesterday while looking at the trees had a strange insect? fly in and land on a limb. so I went over to look at it, its was 2 1/2- 3 inches tall, looked something like a bat except on top of its head appeared to be antenas with bulbs on them(eyes). didn't get to see it for very long as it and another suddenly took off and started flying around my head, I beat a hasty retreat. what I thought was even more interesting is when they flew the made a sound like clak,clack,clack very loud. now I've gone through all the insect books, bat pictures online, and even started looking at some of the new inteligence gathering devices that the government is claimed to be using and can't find anything that remotely looks like them(note I hadn't been drinking yet). I really hate to start looking in the fish books for something similar as there is not much water around this year. If anyone sees my picture posted on a government site please let me know.