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    After my 2 hives have consumed roughly 30 percent of their stores during the drought we had in central wi, they are now making up for lost time. Two weeks ago they were building comb on my third deep. Today I noticed that they started filling the third deep with honey, and the queen was in the third deep as I saw eggs on 2 frames. As most of the frames in the third deep were drawn with varying amounts of comb, some with honey in them, I added a 4th deep as I didnt get around to assembling my medium frames. I was not using a queen excluder so they they build out comb faster. Is there a problem if the queen is so high up in the hive. Will she go back down to the first box? Should I encourage her to go down in some way? What if she starts laying in the 4th deep that I just put on. What should I do?

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    Maybee you should stop at three untill they fill it with honey, that will keep the queen lower. In Chicago, no need for three brood chambers.

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    You can physically move her down and then put an excluder over her. If you're nervous about picking her up, then just move the frame she's on down.


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