Hello i have been looking for a used Extractor and i would like a Maxant. I found a commercial place near me that has 2 Maxant 30F for sale 1200-1400 +tax 20+ years old and well used, i know nothing about extractors, as far as sturdy construction it looks good (industrial) but maxant doesn't produce them and i'm worried about parts if i need them down the line. i see they list some parts available, but i don't like buying things and have to turn around and fix the every year. I am a mechanic and i don't really want to spend my time fixing things when i'm trying to enjoy myself beekeeping : )

I was going to get a 1400L electric maxant 20 frame. they sell for 1595 +tx & freight here in canada
here is a picture of the units

also the ad
any thoughts on this ??