I want to expand from selling at the farm gate to selling at retail outlets. To do that I need to grade my honey. Grading for colour, and moisture are straight forward. I'm struggling with filtering. So far I've been letting the honey settle and bottle from the bottom of the tank. The clarity is good and my customers are happy. This won't fly for meeting grade No. 1. What are others doing to meet the regulation? What is involved in pushing the honey through a #80 mesh (.180mm)? Is gravity sufficient or does the honey need to be heated/pressurized? I'd like to do as little processing on the honey as possible.

I suppose I could always mark it as "substandard" I'm sure the customers would read it and put it back on the shelf....

Ontario No. 1

The honey,
(a) contains not more than 17.8 per cent moisture or, where its container is marked “pasteurized”, not more than 18.6 per cent moisture;
(b) is free from any foreign material that would be retained on a screen having a sieve opening of 0.180 mm;
(c) contains not more than 0.1 per cent water insoluble solids or, where its container is marked “pressed”, not more than 0.5 per cent water insoluble solids;
(d) has a flavour characteristic of its colour classification and is free from any objectionable flavour, aroma or taint;
(e) where its container is marked “liquid”, is clear, bright, uniform in colour and free from visible crystals; and
(f) where its container is marked “creamed” or is otherwise marked to indicate that the contents are granulated, has a smooth fine texture and complete and uniform granulation.