I think mine went to the USDA Tucson Bee Lab.

Kilo- Are you talking about my feral bees in general or the ones I am trapping 9000' feet up?

On a side note - I heard from Russell Apiaries once that his Sunkist strain was bred from Italian/AMM Hybrids and apparently some were bred just over the border in Mexico. When AHB went through the area, some of their DNA hybridized into the mix. Supposedly these bees then spread all up and down the Rio Grande Valley and became the predominate wild bee. They are quite dark from what I have heard. I have often wondered if some of the feral bees I am running across might be relatives of these.

I worked my two current confirmed "Africans" today. I gave them Italian queens a few weeks back and wanted to make sure they accepted them, which they did. Talk about a short fuse - when you crack the lid - the timer is on. You better be wrapping things up after a couple of minutes, or you're going to have bees all up in your chili. They were none too pleased I was messing around with their queen.