I don't mean sending out for custom-made labels -- I've gone through the forums to see there's a lot of those -- what I mean is, are there folks around here that use something like Avery round (for lids) or shipping labels (for the sides) to print out super-small batches of labels for family/friends/specialties on their own personal printers?

I've been toying around with making some templates for a few locals that bottle up just a little bit of honey -- not enough to call it a business, but they'd still like to pretty up the jars a bit -- and I thought I'd ask around to see if anyone here does the same, so I could get an idea of what the better sizes are. I'm thinking the 2-inch rounds for lids (those could even be printed on white paper and cut out, instead of printed on special label paper), but I'm not sure about the side labels. Does anyone have a preference?

I'm thinking black and white versions and maybe a couple of colors, and a space for name, address, and weight -- what else do you think would be useful information?

And I don't know if they'd be useful to anyone here, but I'd be happy to put some of the simpler templates up here when I'm done, if anyone'd like.