I ordered two queens from Purvis last week and I am so impressed with the company.

1) Rosie is a delight to deal with. She is always responsive and friendly.

2) My queens were supposed to come overnight. The PO was slow, and I did not get them til the following day. This was no problem and the queens arrived healthy and fat. But Rosie has already sent me a confirmation that my postage will be refunded due to the late delivery.

3) We have a weird PO situation here since I leave on a street that straddles two states. When my queens did not arrive on time, Rosie looked in to it and thought she had sent them to the wrong PO because I live in a different state than they were shipped two. She was all prepared to send out two more queens that day. Thankfully, I caught her in time and they did not ship.

If Purvis shows half the diligence and care in breeding that they do in customer service, I am sure that these queens will blow me away.