Received this reply when apiguard first came out concerning the use at temps above 95 F

From: "Max Watkins" <>
To: "'Daniel Dempsey'" <>
Subject: RE: Apiguard

Dear Mr Dempsey,

The 2 x 50g treatment is good for a single brood or for a double brood. If you use more than two brood boxes then a further dose is often needed. The 25g treatment is useful for treating small colonies (nucs or small wintering colonies). At daytime temperatures, as you report of 103F I would try 2 x 25g or maybe 3 x 25g (See the attached list of FAQs and answers on Apiguard).

No need to restrict the entrance but make sure the bees have enough space to actually get at the gel. Best way we have found is to put an empty super on top of the brood box(es).

Let me know how you get on.

All the best,


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