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    Default My new honey filter material

    After 35 years of pumping my honey crop through ladies nylon stockings, which of course added a sensual thrill to honey processing, I this year had a brilliant vision and have been using drain pipe poly filter sock. It comes in a 100 foot roll. I cut about a 26" length, knot the lower end, and clamp it to my double pipe outlet. It does not sag, run and stretch unpredictably like a nylon stocking, and seems to filter just as well. They are also reusable. Possibly this discovery will end years of embarrassment soliciting the few women in my life for their discard nylons, and sneaking around the women's department at Walmart. It will however also end decades of fantasy and voyuerism in the honey room.

    Click next pic to view video. Actually 2012, not 2011 as the senile beekeeper states in video.

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