For those top bar beekeepers who may not have seen this (because things get buried so fast over on the Bee Forum), I’ve had a thread there about a Partners of the Americas’ Farmer-to-Farmer assignment I recently finished in Jamaica on top bar beekeeping. I was there during the whole month of July helping to start a model apiary that will be used to train people on top bar hive beekeeping and promoting tbhs with a couple different beekeeper associations.

I posted everything over there because it wasn’t all specifically about top bar beekeeping. I’ve talked about other things like a bee farmers association I had a chance to visit, “bush bee” cutouts that we did (wild colonies), and a commercial Langstroth-hive beekeeper I spent some time with.

My latest post, however, delt more with top bar hives and some of the projects we did with them.

Take a look. I hope it may be of help to some of you.