Just happened to be talking with Arlyn at the main office in Hamilton this morning.

Remembered some of you were talking about the old square 12 frame Dadant Deep hive boxes etc

Well they haven't had any woodenware for years and years, but they still carry the 10 5/8" Dura-Gilt foundation that fits the 11 1/4" frame for the 11 5/8" deep boxes.

But, occasionally they run the crimp-wired wax foundation, maybe once a year, and sometime next week is it for this year. Most likely not again until around this time next year.

So if anyone wants some get your order in quick.

The kicker is 25lb minimum. That figures out to 5 sheets per lb for 125 sheets total minimum order.

About $173.00 Plus tax, plus shipping.

This is the verticle crimp wire with the hook at the top. That's alot of frame area so best to secure it well with cross wires also.

I'm about an hour from them and run down there frequently to pick-up stuff rather than have it shipped to me. Other things to do in between.

So I was considering offering to split up an order, repackage and ship, if enough people are interested.

Less than 25lbs needs to be stiffened with plywood or masonite so it won't flex too much and other extra packing, or small items to fill one of those USPS flat-rate boxes.

Unless you're close, I doubt there is enough time to get them your own wax to use, but they do a pretty good job of cleaning and save the cappings wax they get for foundation production.

I'm building my own equipment, frames now too since they don't produce them anymore.
I've been going foundationless, but having wires in this deep of frame with this heat we've been having may be a better idea.

Let me know what you think.