On this one hive. I done a quick inspection 8 days ago. I only pulled a few frames. I saw eggs, larvae, and capped brood, and I filled the feeder. I also saw 2 Queen cells on the top of 2 different frames. (about a inch below the top bar) Everything look normal. Today (8 days later) I make it back to refill feeders. I crack the outer cover on this same hive and a cloud of bees come out of it. I just freeze holding the outer cover cracked open and let them settle down. As they are flying around I notice these are a bunch of Drone bees flying around. They come back to the hive and they are a bunch of big fat Drones. They were a lot of worker bees on the frames but there were also a lot of Drones I saw just on the top of the frames. If I had to guess I would say about a 100 or so. I just never saw this many Drones before so I'm wondering if I have a problem. Is a lot of Drones normal? Could I have a drone laying Queen? If so how do I fix it. I do not think it is a laying worker because last week I did see eggs and only 1 in the cells and they were on the bottom. I am new and need some advice on these Drones.