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    Default Why won't the bees do what I want?

    Can someone help me figure out how to tighten up my hives. I started with two ten deeps and a medium and have gotten down to three medium eights and a deep eight. The deep eight was from the original brood hive that I was able to get the queen excluded, the brood hatched out and the frames were filled with honey. Well,good so far. After all my manipulation to get to the medium eights, I didn't have much honey stores anywhere else, so I thought it a good idea to put the deep honey-filled super on the top of the medium brood boxes to give them something for the winter...especially since we've been in a dearth for weeks now. (I would have cut them out and put them in medium eights if they weren't durigilt.....)

    I checked the hive today and the queen has started to lay again in the deep! Darn. I wanted to get rid of that, especially as it is duragilt. She isn't doing much down in the mediums. Is this because of the dearth? the old comb? the food available in the deep? Any advice on how to manage things....Should I move one of the mediums on top of the deep she is now using or will she move down? The mediums are a hodgepodge of foundationless drawn comb, comb on wax foundation, a few duragilts frames and some undrawn foundation or foundationless frames. Should I consolidate the frames? It seems like she'll be likely to stay in the deep with the mix of stores and brood. I really would rather quit helping the bees out....but I do want to get to all medium eights.
    Thanks, Jim

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    Default Re: Why won't the bees do what I want?

    You can put the deep on the bottom with a excluder on top of it and make sure the queen is not in it. Check back in 7 days and check the bottom deep, remove any queen cells it might have. By the time you have frost, the bees should have all the bottom box emptied out and moved up into the mediums, you can remove it then.


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