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    hi there. i am not a regular user of the internet (outside of work) ... and the other thread i started was closed by the time i logged back in again. anyhow, just wanted to say thanks for the comments. at least now i know what temperature it is inside the brood nest because i kept reading different figures elsewhere.

    also. it is easy to be seduced by natural beekeeping and there are some elements that appeal. i went into my hives without smoke at the weekend and they were calmer than they have ever been.

    but ... from reading about natural beekeeping in books and blogs for a few weeks, i am heading back to square one and the whole Integrated Pest Management approach. i think its OK to play with ideas and see what emerges.

    finally, i live in bristol, but my bees don't ... they live in the countryside.

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    Hi, got to say that I think you're going in the right direction now -get the basics right first. It's like everything else, we can 'play with ideas' but if we haven't got the basics, the practical grounding, how do we know whether we're actually succeeding or simply storing up a whole lot of trouble?

    Just my thoughts on the matter but I'm a big believer in 'the basics' -in everything.

    Oh, re: keeping your bees in the country, maybe you could update your site by removing the comment that you're going to keep them a few minutes walk from your flat....which would then stop people such as myself thinkig that you do keep them in Bristol!

    So my solution was to knock on doors to see if anyone, or organisation, was willing to “host a hive”. The first organisation I asked said “yes please” as did some neighbours. My bees will soon be located within a few minutes walk of my flat.
    that said, you still have an uphill battle if you want to convince me that you've got a really remote apiary within sensible driving distance of Bristol!


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