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    Smile captured swarm in a trap

    Hello, we are second year beeks with four successful hives and we decided to run a couple swarm traps this summer. We captured a swarm right away in one of the traps but didn't have success hiving them . They went into the hive fine and after about three day's decided to leave. We were feeding them sugar water with Honey-B-Healthy and installed entrance reducers to help them but they left anyway ?? A week later we noticed a few bee's hanging out around the opening of the other trap but not many and we just kind of been keeping an eye on them. This was about 6 to 8 weeks ago and we haven't done anything with them as we were out of town . Well the other day I noticed that there are still a few bee's coming and going out of the trap opening so it looks like we actually have captured a small swarm that has set up " shop" in the trap. I was wondering if we are going to be able to move this colony to an empty hive and how difficult will it be ? We were planning on having some foundationless frames ready and rubber bands on hand so we can move brood comb with them. Does this sound like something that might work ? Any pointers ? Thanks , Jim

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    next year build traps that hold frames. Simple five frame nuc's work well. With frames your job moving this swarm would have been simple


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