I've never purchased or ordered anything from Russell Apiaries and have no "bone to pick" with them. I've heard folks bragging on them and folks dissing them. I have no idea what the story is here. Until I heard that they were going to stop selling to the hobby beeks I was considering getting some caucasians from them in a year or so. I'm aware that people tend to be more vocal when they have problems and that when things turn out smoothly they don't say much...simple human nature.

Whatever the case, I figured I'd create a simple poll. It would be good if only actual customers of Russell's vote, but of course it can't be guaranteed that non-customers will not vote.

Three options:
Satisfied...satisfied with delivery time and/or queen quality
Neutral...nothing really good or bad to report, similar to other queen sellers
Dissatisfied...dissatisfied with long/wrong delivery times and/or queen quality

No need for discussion...plenty of threads elsewhere for that.

And moderators, if Beesource is not the place for this....delete it, please.