I just ordered the Dadant 20 frame extractor today, and now i'm looking for an uncapping tank that can make my extracting and bottling process easier. I have been looking at the uncapping tanks by various manufacturer's and i'm interested in the Kelley multipurpose tank. It can be used to uncap frames and also can be used as a wax melter. I'm also wondering if I could set some pails of honey inside the heated portion of the tank for liquifying granulated honey. The tank comes with strainer tray, cover, heating element, ball valve, and plastic gate valve. The stand is $90.00 extra. Has anyone purchased this machine and what can I expect? I especially like the fact that I can melt my wax cappings in one machine. Currently I run around 50 hives and its time to upgrade some of my equipment and makes things easier. Any input would be appreciated. I purchased the Dadant extractor because of the shipping cost to my state. I also own a Maxant bottler.