ON inspection yesterday, my 2 deep hive had queen cells on bottom frames with burr comb. Removed it, but one cell hatched and queen got away. Later that day, we had a small swarm. I got the swarm and put it in an extra deep I had with frames. What do I do next? Do I feed? Do I take frames from my original hive and swop with the new hive box? Not sure if I still have a queen in my original hive. I'm guessing two scenarios: My original hive will swarm again, if I can catch it do I add to the other small swarm? What else should I do? If it doesn't swarm again, what do I do with the new hive? Also, my original hive is two deep with capped brood and honey and larva. On the deeps I have a queen excluder and a medium honey super that has been on for about 3-4 weeks. The bees go in there and hang out, but they have done nothing for those 3-4 weeks, no comb building on any of the frames. What is up with that? What should I do there? Much thanks to anyone who can email me with some suggestions or knowledge!