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    Embarrassed Brushy Mountain - Shipping / Communications

    Have been enamored with Brushy Mountain equipment (esp queen castles, etc.), but geez the shipping and customer service is ridiculous in comparison to competitors. Placed an order more than a week ago and have yet to receive a status on shipping. Emailed and called to see if they actually got my order (have the email receipt), but no response. My local shop (Ruhl Bee) just got bought out by Brushy, and the customer service there has tanked (actually steered me away from spending ~$4,000 en total which will go somewhere else).
    Sadly, after some searching this is a chronic problem with Brushy Mountain. Hope they can get their basics figured out. Kinda embarrassing.
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    Default Re: Brushy Mountain - Shipping / Communications

    I never had a problem, either phone or internet orders.
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    Default Re: Brushy Mountain - Shipping / Communications

    I've had problems too. Part of my order was back-ordered and they seemed to have forgotten it because it wasn't shipped until I emailed them about it a month later. A simple "Sorry about that" would have been nice. I've also contacted them about returning a top feeder in new condition and have heard nothing yet. The other orders went fine, so I guess as long as your order doesn't have issues you will be fine!


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