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    Default Cleaning an Older Model Dadant 12 frame extractor?

    I have an older steel model Dadant 12 frame extractor. This is my first year beekeeping and the Extractor I am assuming is from the 90's , it was passed down to me from my Great Aunt and Uncle who also kept bees. It has been in storage for some time. I cannot find any info on how to clean the model, Most Dadant models (as I have found online searching for info) seem to come apart fairly easy with a few wing nuts, This one however does not. The bolts on my older model are found under the motor, after trying to disassemble it it seems more likely that the maybe this model does not come apart. Does anyone out there have an older Steel Dadant extractor and know if it comes apart for cleaning? How? or if not what would be the best way to go about cleaning?

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    Default Re: Cleaning an Older Model Dadant 12 frame extractor?

    Why not give Dadant a call? In general you just want to use warm water to clean up a honey extractor.
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    Default Re: Cleaning an Older Model Dadant 12 frame extractor?

    Welcome to Beesource!

    Dadant does sell replacement/spare extractor manuals for $5. Manuals for current models are on this page ...

    ... but Dadant may be able to tell you if one of those manuals covers your extractor, or if they have older extractor manuals available also.
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