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    Default Honey possibly containing AFB options

    I lost a hive to SHB this year that had 2 full deep supers. I froze all the frames and caught it early enough that very little honey is fermented. Subsequent to this I lost some nucs in the same apiary to AFB. . I planned on feeding this honey to some hives but am now concerned it could contain AFB spores. I know I can check for the spores with a microscope o a brood frame by dissolving some of the scale left by dead brood but I've not been able to find a method of scoping the honey. Any ideas?
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    Default Re: Honey possibly containing AFB options

    When in doubt DONT!!!!! Strong hives usually dont get over run by SHB so there could be an indicator of another problem. AFB. The hive beetles may have slimed the honey anyway. I would not take the chance. You have an AFB problem, treat all remaining colonies in the yard with terra and burn all dead out equipment. Did you buy those nucs? If so, I would have a little talk with both the person who sold them to you and the State bee inspector. Dont underestimate the seriousness of AFB.

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    Default Re: Honey possibly containing AFB options

    I have no experience with this, but here is an interesting link.
    It's old!


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