Anytime I'm at the grocery store, there's always some products that stand out even when I'm not looking for items in that area. That would be the products that have small "info-booklets" tied to the neck. I'm not talking about the "bear collars," those I see for sale. I'm thinking something that is about 4 pages and has bits of info on them. Multi-fold card-stock or single stitched booklets.

While you would never be able to recover the cost of printing by adding to the non-booklet price (no real value added in a booklet,) the fact that items packaged with those stand out more would help marketing, I would think.

Another benefit: more info can be passed to the customer over available label space.

I haven't seen anything available like this, and I was wondering what peoples thoughts were.

En-mass, the booklets should end up at pennies each. Large operations could customize for their brand, and there could be a "generic" version that any small-operation could add to jars.

What information would be good? I do understand that there couldn't be any statements allowed regarding health benefits from honey, but it would be nice to find a way to warn people about HFCS mixed honey, difference between filtered and strained, etc...

Also, a tri-fold "bee-brochure" with similar info for having on your table would be nice. I'm thinking of working something up in Publisher and wanted to get some input.