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    Default Curious - Entrance Plugged with bees

    Seems odd to me, but I'm new at this. My divider board is at the half way mark of my 4 foot hive. There are at least 3 bars of empty space at the back. I have 3 open 1" holes in the end. It's average 90 degrees every day and the bees seem to be plugging two of the three holes with ther bodies like I've seen them do when the weather was on the cool side. Looks a little like the are trying to chew on the wood to make it larger?? With the entrance holes plugged many bees can't get inside for the night, if so it's after I've gone to sleep. I have a screened bottom board and it's open. Really don't think they are pluggin the holes to keep warm, since the night time lows are in the 70's.
    Would be very difficult - should I attempt to drill another entrance hole? Or should I mind my own business and leave them at it?

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    Default Re: Curious - Entrance Plugged with bees

    You maybe find the answer on my todays blog entry

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    Default Re: Curious - Entrance Plugged with bees

    So the bees are plugging all but one inch and you want to give them more? I think the bees are reducing the entrance. Bee trees have a very small opening or seal it as you describe. Langstroth beekeepers open one whole side of the house and wonder why small hive beetles march in the front door. Let them be please.


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