I have replied to a few people who have asked about these extractors, and I told them that they were sturdily built-all metal- and looked like they would perform well for how cheap they cost. I also told them that I had not yet used it, and I now have a different opinion. I used my $135 extractor a few weeks ago and it worked fairly well. All the honey was extracted without too many problems. The problems that I did face were a squeaky axle and a messed up gear. The axle at the base was only annoying, but the gear had a tooth/thread (I think that's what you call them) that was not properly shaped and it didn't fit in with the grooves in the other connecting gear. So every so often, when the extractor was moving too slowly, you would hear a big thump, which was the groove/thread/tooth popping in and out of place. I ordered another gear set which will hopefully work properly, but I just wanted to give you guys who are thinking about buying extractors a heads up. To me this extractor was still worth the money even with the extra gear and shipping I saved myself $100. It's your call though, so be wairy.