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    Default Drone Comb This Late in the Season?

    Upon inspection I noticed some capped drone brood on a few frames of a two deep hive (I have a honey super on as well). My queen is new and healthy, as she is still laying quite a bit late in the summer and the brood patterns are perfect. I did see her during this same inspection and saw quite a few fresh eggs/brood.

    Has any one experienced drone comb/brood this late in the season and what does this mean?

    It is worth noting that I live in Northern CA

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    Default Re: Drone Comb This Late in the Season?

    Fall supersedure season, as a result of a fall flow. Pretty typical around here, I think, certainly my brother and I see a crop of drones this time of year after none since June.


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    Default Re: Drone Comb This Late in the Season?

    On strong hives, I see drones here into late October. Depends on the year (flows and weather) and on the strength and health of the hive.
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