Ok, here's a scenario you can throw your two cents at...

In a Last Will and Testament several heirs are left with a piece of property. In the will it is written that one of the heirs is to receive x number of acres within the property boundaries as their own personal property, separate from the rest of the property. The location of these acres is that heir's choice. The heir decides on the location and has the parcel surveyed. The only other thing done in regards to the property is having the will probated.

The county tax collector says that the survey is sufficient for ownership and property taxes...that no quit claim deed or anything is required.

A local retired district judge believes, though, that a quit claim deed should be made for these acres from the other heirs to the heir receiving the parcel. The quit claim deed's intention being to specify the exact location of the x number of acres.

Fast forward a year or two... The surveyed x number of acres are sold to a third party.

Will the new buyer have a good legal document trail for the property?