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    Default Pink Honey? I may have an answer

    From time to time, I keep seeing peeps report that their bees are storing pink honey. The explanation I am about to give may explain a lot of the "pink honey" questions. I am a wildlife and dog freak. For many moons we have fed hummingbirds. I have noticed for several years that honeybees will visit hummingbird feeders regularly, but especially late in the season. This spring, just for the heck of it, I added a packet of hummingbird feed to one of my bee syrups, and, guess what?, I got pink honey!! I think most of the pink honey that shows up may simply bee from the ladies visting hummingbird feeders, as most hummingbird feed mixes are red. Just something to ponder.

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    Default Re: Pink Honey? I may have an answer

    I got a call last week from a woman who said she has 15 hummingbird feeders which are being overrun with honeybees, wondered what she should do. I gave her a few tips, but now am waiting for someone at our local bee club to tell us about having pink honey!

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    Default Re: Pink Honey? I may have an answer

    Red coloring in humming bird feeders is bad for humming birds. The poeple that purchase this are poisoning the humming birds. The packages sold in the store are made for people to purchase not for the birds health. The bees are doing the birds a favor.

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    I suppose it could be from hummingbird feeders. On the other hand, kudzu makes a pink/light purple honey.
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