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    Default All of a sudden my weak hive started to bring in pollen again. hmmmm

    Just something to add about the hives. Ive had one strong hive and one weak hive. The weak hive was not bringing in any pollen for atleast 3 to 4 weeks. While the strong hive was bringing it in good and steady during the day.

    About a week and a half ago I placed a pollen patty in both hives. Dont know if that was it, but the weak hive is bringing in the pollen as well as the strong hive.(in proportion to the population variance between the two hives.)

    Could be that there was a supersedure or the patty stimulated the queen to start laying, who knows.

    Well the govenor called and we have a stay of execution

    She must of known she was about to get pinched.

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    Default Re: All of a sudden my weak hive started to bring in pollen again. hmmmm

    One of the curious things about bees is that when they are short of protein and in "starvation mode" they will only bring in honey and won't raise brood. Adding the protein patty got them started up and foraging again.

    I've seen this with my hives, wish I'd started feeding syrup and a patty earlier on my weak hive this spring, might have saved it.



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