I inspected my hives 2 1/2 weeks ago and found that one of them had 3 made supercedure cells. This is a pretty new hive (2 months since installing from package), but I had to requeen after 1 month. I assume the new queen wasn't laying well. It is a very weak hive, so I also gave them a frame of brood from the other hive, which is doing well. After finding the queen cells, I checked on the hive 1 week later, and found that 2 had hatched. I couldn't find the queen, but figured they'd be ok. I've been out of town and just got back, but I noticed there was NO bee activity all day from this hive. So I checked on them again, and found that there are only enough bees to cover 1 frame, I can't find any eggs or live larvae, and I did not see the queen. They had only drawn comb out on 5 1/2 frames so far, and they filled so much of it with honey I was wondering if they were becoming honey-bound even though there were more frames, but with no drawn comb. I know the queen cells were not swarm cells; they were near the top, but could the new queen have decided to take most of the colony elsewhere?

My second question is that the honey had a strange color to it - slightly grayish maybe, and the frame of brood I had given them looked like the larvae in it were dead and dried up - hopefully I can get the pictures to post. There are SHB, but I didn't see larvae. What on earth is going on???0801121128.jpg0801121128a.jpg