I have been beekeeping a number of years and would like to know the pros and cons between a migratory top and a telescoping top with inner cover. All of my hives currently have telescoping tops with inner covers but after building some nucs this year with migratory tops on them I found that I really liked using a jar feeder through a hole in the lid, made feeding easy and cheap. So I was kicking around the idea of switching all my tops to the migratory style but I don't know what benefits I would be losing that I now have with my inner and outer tops. It looks like the inner cover adds some bee space above the frames that without it you don't have and I belive the inner cover also provides a air space that helps with over wintering but I don't know that this is necessary or not. When it comes to building equipment I know it is allot easier to build migratory tops which is a big pro.