I put a couple of blank (empty) frames in a couple of my hives about 2 weeks ago to split up the brood zone a bit and as an experiment to see if I could successfully get the bees to draw their own comb. I have read several descriptions of this that suggest the bees start off by building a lot of drone comb on the first blank frame, then perhaps for the second and other blank frames will build worker comb. This suggests to me that the colony would rather build more drone comb than it usually does, when working from standard foundation. Is this right?

Anyway...my bees have merrily festooned and drawn nice comb on these empty frames, not sure if it's all drone, but the cells did look a bit big. I did not haul it all the way out as they were so busy festooning and clinging on. There seems to have been a steady flow here all July, as they have been making comb the whole month.