I am wondering what others may do to their smokers to make them better.
Personally I've made a longer snout on mine that is a heavier gauge material. It is extremely handy when lifting a corner of a heavy hive body or honey super. I have to be careful there is no chance of a box sliding off and causing a huge number of angry bees. Understand this has never happened to me. Nor have I ever dropped a box, frame full of bees, a hive tool to the bottom of a hive box or accidentally killed a queen. Believe that.
What I do is get one corner loose and only one corner. This prevents (um...most of the time) the box from becoming a slider. I get it high enough to put the smoker snout under it and then I can relay without holding a lot of weight to get the rest of the box loose. It does require the box to be lifted higher than normal.
Just asking.