I am a fairly new beek 6 hive so far this year. I have read several books, but am more of a visual learner. From the forum I have gained consideral theory about processes that would acomplish my goals but lack the knowledge to perform tasks with confidence. I would like to propose a new section maybe even a pictorial section on "how to" perform tasks. For example the combining new hives with newspaper. Sounds simple and maybe I'm reading too much in it but do the top bees have an outlet to the outside, how many sheets of newspaper, which goes on top weak or strong colony. Even the proper way to split a hive. There are many things on youtube but there is no one to correct or disspute the information. This section could be a referal for people that know what needs to be done but don't know how to do it. I'm sure with the talent of the people here someone will take the ball and run with it. Thankyou Doeboy