Our flow here right now is not a strong one. But, going through a number of my yards I have taken 14 wearhouse pallets of honey to extract. I hope to get this done this week and get some of those wet supers back on the hives to see if they will be filled again w/ the goldenrod and maybe asters.

We don't usually get much aster honey because of when it blooms and the cold temperatures which occur then. But, w/ this year everything seems early and the heat is holding on. So, maybe we will have the right combo of early aster bloom and warmth enough for bees to fly. I would like to have some aster from my own hives to bottle and sell as a specialty. Maybe this is the year. Maybe I don't realize what I am asking for.

I hear that aster honey crystallizes in the comb and is hard for bees to winter on.