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    Default How long can queen go after hatching without attendants?

    To make a really long story short, I have a hive that's swarmed twice in as many weeks. When I went in the hive today to see what was going on there were still 8 queen cells that had not hatched yet. To minimize the potential for additional swarms, I removed all but two queen cells from the hive. The ones I removed I put into separate mason jars and have been incubating them at 94 degrees. Just now I checked and one of them has hatched.

    This is great news, except I have no idea what to do with her now. I saved them just in case the queens failed in the hive that swarmed and really didn't expect them to actually make it.

    So my question is, it's 10pm at night, I have no nuc assembled and am expecting a long day in teh office tomorrow. How long can this queen go without any attendants feeding her? What should my next step be?


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    Default Re: How long can queen go after hatching without attendants?

    If a nuc can't be made, then you could put the queen in a cage and bank her in a hive. Lay the cage on the top bars and let the bees feed her. This can work. It is also possible for the other queen to come and kill her through the cage.

    I'd assmeble a small nuc tonight, in the dark, or quickly in the morning before I leave for work.

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    Default Re: How long can queen go after hatching without attendants?

    This might be too late to help if you are already at work, but you can put a drop of honey in the jar for her. And maybe a drop of water.


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