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    Default Propolis - should I start now? Any harm to hive to do so?

    Just collected my first honey. I am eager to try collecting pollen and propolis. 2 hives are in their first year.

    But curious what effect this has on diverting energy in the hive? Would it slow honey and/or brood production? Are there any disadvantages to collecting these?

    This is in reference to using an actual propolis trap (in place of inner cover) and a pollen drawer (closing 3 days per week, as suggested).

    I have heard the best time for propolis is fall... what about the pollen - I suppose during the runs in spring and fall?

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    Default Re: Propolis - should I start now? Any harm to hive to do so?

    Fall is the best time for propolis as well as pollen. I don't know about were you are but flow is over here in VA and lots of pollen is coming in. Just make sure they have you don't collect to much so you don't limit there stores for winter. They are going to propolize weather or not with or with out traps.

    Hope this info helps.


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