Apologies for the sideways video..also not the greatest quality. I was trying to quickly capture the culprit on my phone. The last few nights I have been finding honeybees crawling on my driveway. I don't keep my bees at my home so they weren't mine. Anyhow, later in the evenings I have been finding the bees crawling and unable to fly. Tonight I pinned one down to check her wings and one was missing. I have a large Russian Sage blooming right now and I wanted to see if the honeybees were on it. I saw some sort of bumble bee on it and some other bee cruising around very quickly. Not paying attention to either I spotted a honeybee. Seconds after seeing it, the speedy bee flew within four or five inches and attacked it and then chased it off. It then did the same thing to the bumble bee. I'm thinking this bee is the reason why I have had 6-7 honeybees not making it home in the last few nights. Anyone have any info on this attacking