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    Default Crush and strain honey comb !


    Just got finished crushing and straining 2 Warre hive boxs. I took some pics of my home made equipment. Plastic 5gal pails and a 5gal paint strainer bag, plus pail lids. An oak board to crush and a potato masher to mash. Bread knife to cut comb loose from top bars in boxs. A large bowl to crush comb in, lots of news paper, because its a messy business.
    Lay out paper on work table, stack buckets and lids, wet paint strainer and sling excess water out. Put strainer in top bucket with no bottom and put lid on with opening to dump thru. Cut comb out of boxs and crush in bowl, when comb is throughly crushed, pour in to strainer. Repeat process until all comb is crushed and poured in to strainer bucket. Then clean all honey mess up and pour it in to strainer bucket too. Once all is cleaned up on table, take boxs and bars and utensils to bee yard for bees to clean for you. Let honey set for 2 or 3 days for all to strain out of wax. And for honey to settle out air and clear up. Then bottle it and see how many Friends you have.
    Heres a link to some pics of my equipment and the process.
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