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    Default How fast is a queen cell is created?

    It looks like we have a queenless hive. We were given two frames of bees w/ brood, honey and a queen from a reputable beekeeper to try and strengthen with bees from a strong hive we have. Today we found everything but the queen while transferring the two frames from the nuc to a proper hive. We decided to try and combine hives anyway by adding 3 frames of bees/eggs/brood/honey from our strong hive into one super. A) We're hoping the 2 groups will get along (with the help of a peppermint tea spray) and B) Now hoping they will rear a queen from one of the existing egg cells.

    Question 1 is will they try and rear a queen?
    Question 2 is if they change an existing cell to a queen cell, how many days does it take until we can see the queen cell taking shape?

    Thanks. Mark
    Beginner with 2 hives, trying to make a 3rd.

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    Default Re: How fast is a queen cell is created?

    When I split my hives, my strong hive made 34 queen cells overnight.


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