For overwintering, does anyone have a maximum number of boxes you like getting down to before winter sets in? I know here weight is used and the round about figure is 60 lbs.

This past Monday I was at a Beek meeting and I overheard an old timer stating now is the time to start removing supers to start the bees preparing for winter. I have not found anything yet in the books I have which state a time frame to start removing supers so the hive is not too large going into winter. This is my first season with honey bees and everything seems to be going well - actually too well. I have four boxes (5 frames)* of brood and four boxes for supers. Because of the weird weather we are having in Middle Tennessee, I have been feeding them a 1:1 sugar syrup during July and I will probably keep doing so into August. As a side note, I am reading some really good articles on keeping the brood chamber open as much as possible to assist them in over wintering.

*Why do I use five frames? This is a hobby and I have very limited space in my backyard. I want to get up to at least five hives and I find the width of five frame boxes easier to fit in my backyard. And then, after the fact, I read bees seem to prefer smaller spaces.

Thanks for your time.