I was working off of the ‘better queens’ book and ran into a snag right off the bat. I was going to take a white wax frame and let the bees make their own queens and make up a couple of overwinter nucs. I loaded up a divided queen castle with 5 frames for 3 days. And put in a frame of white wax that I put into the brood nest on my good hive in the brood nest. I pulled the supers yesterday to get this frame and got a rude surprise from the bees. The bees backfilled the new frame with honey. Flow is winding down and the weather is getting warm (80’s). We are not having a drought like the rest of the country. I got nailed through my jeans to a point that I had to retreat and go get my smoker. Don’t know what that was about. I only got stung through my jeans one other time but this time they figured it out.
My nuc box I put in a frame of capped honey, one frame of capped brood. One of mixed brood with lots of pollen, various capped and young (old frame not white wax) a medium frame that has been drawn out by a swarm to a deep with white wax with a nice edge and a frame of new wax to be replaced by a frame of fresh drawn white brood from my good hive. As of day 3 none of the brood was being drawn out to a QC. Am I impatient or did I get my bee mix wrong?
I only have 4 hives to use resources from, all are double deeps but 1(mediums on a deep). Most have a ½ capped super and have backfilled the brood nest to a point my queens have shut down. Suggestions? I want to make up my own overwintered queens off of my strong hive using resources from two swarm catches.