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    Default Laying worker hive

    First year bee keeper here. I got 4 hives this year, two packages, two established hives. The two packages are killing it, two deeps and one super on each. The two established hives are not doing well. I found a un mated queen laying only drone brood in one hive and dispatched her today. The other established hive has laying workers. I ordered two Cardovian Queens today, one for each hive.

    My question is how do I introduce a queen to the laying worker hive with out them killing her.

    Is a shake out 100 yards away the best thing.

    Should I add her in a queen cage for a couple of days with some open brood.

    Any help would be awesome.

    Thanks in advance.......

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    Default Re: Laying worker hive

    I would do a shake out at LEAST 100 yds away,., (maybe 200) 24 hrs before introducing new queen

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    Default Re: Laying worker hive

    You would be far better off to not try to introduce that queen. Give then a frame of open brood with eggs once a week until them make queen cells, then try a queen after destroying ALL the cells or let them make their own. If you attempt to introduce that queen, they will kill her right off, every time.

    Since you already have a queen on the way, you might want to make a split (but not of the laying worker hive).

    Problem is there are many laying workers, not just one, so if you shake them out in front of a hive, you get another laying worker hive. Shaking them out in the apiary and removing the hive will work fine, the bees will find new homes in the remaining hives.

    I'd make a nuc with the new queen from your other hives, it's about time to make overwintering nucs anyway, and use open brood and eggs to fix the laying worker hive. Probably take a few weeks, a frame of open brood and eggs every week.



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